The Career Services Network Switzerland (CSNCH) is an association of 28 career services. We see ourselves as bridge-builders from studies to entry into professional life. To this end, we advise students at Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences and prepare them for the recruitment processes and the job market. 

At the end of 2020, 17 Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences sent the first Swiss Career Survey. Over 9,500 students were surveyed to find out what their preferences are in terms of starting a career. For example: What activities do they enjoy, what job-related values do they have, what makes an employer attractive to them, or where do they obtain information about career opportunities?

21 Career Services now decided to create the appropriate counterpart to the student survey and launch a new joint project: the Swiss Employer Survey. With this, we aim to gather the perspective of employers and even better prepare students according to employers’ expectations and needs.

Learn more about the Career Services Network Switzerland at www.csnch.ch